Sunday, August 30, 2009

da meaning of independent..

can i??

may i??
should i??

as G said:

sumtimes we dun know wat will happen on future..
but we do know wat we want in our life..
we plan..ALLAH decides it..
luv doesnt mean we being 2gether..
luv is luv when we r happy 2gether..
n pray for their happiness..

finally, we hav decided..
4 our own gud..

n me??

i'll try 2 b a better 1..
(b ur gud gurl)

i'll try 2 b stronger than yesterday
(b ur ironlady)

i'll do transform to da new of me..

*TEDDY i love u 2*


MiSs FaiRlaDy JiM said...

dahsyatnya cincin ada petir arrr...macam mana nak buat ni ek??

knockudown said...

my dear fren: eventho we arnt close but i do care my frens feeling.i jus wish u all da bes in ur life.the bes one will come n time will prove it. face the path in front of u n one day u wil noe how great experiences u had.everyone had their own mistakes but Allah never stop forgiving His servants.

p/s:its reminder for me also.

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