Tuesday, August 25, 2009


i will call u..

i will text u..

i will ym u..

i will email u..

i will read ur blog..

i will send flying kiz 4 u..

i will thinking of u..

i will dreaming of u..

i will hug my sleepy bear..

(tat smell u..)

i will look at ur pic over n over again..

i will read 'dun b sad'..

i will write sumtin bout u..

i will take of myself..

n da only thing tat i can do..

i will waiting 4 u..

do take care of urself 2..


MiSs FaiRlaDy JiM said...

are u sure that is a rite bear????
i will waiting for u toooo..=p

knockudown said...

D,are u serious ? are u in love?

TEDDY said...

did i mention it my dear G??

knockudown said...

u dont mention it my dear D.but u do behave like da way u talk....wuts ur decision? did ur mama agree wit u?

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