Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are You Moist Enough..?

ME...?? I think my skin is not moist enough because I want it more, more and more moist.. As we know, our skin is the most important that we have to take care.. Not only giving it the care but also moisturize it..
I have been using variety of body lotion brand before, such as:

Type Anonymous body lotion: whitening body lotion but not for moisturize.

Type Branded body lotion: moisturizing lotion but it's a bit sticky.


Type _____ body lotion: contains vitamin B3, triple sunscreens and yogurt serum.. All completed in a bottle.. U can't believe it..?? Let's check this out..!






It's a Vaseline Healthy White skin lightening lotion.. Vaseline healthy white has a combination of ingredients that to help give you fairer and healthy looking skin.. A balanced combination of vitamin B3, yogurt serum and conditioning moisturizers hydrate and even out skin tone.. Triple sunscreens help prevent future darkening and encourage the skin to lighten itself..

The key ingredient:
*Vitamin B3: Known to enhance skin's natural lightening process to help bring out its natural fairness.
*Yogurt serum: Help provides moisturisation and nourishment to skin.
*Triple sunscreen: Help prevent further darkening caused by damaging UVA & UVB rays.

So.. I think it's not too late for us to get moisture skin because with Vaseline we can see the different in as early as two weeks.. Besides that, there are also 3 other type of Vaseline body lotion: Total Moisture, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh.. U can choose either one to be your must have list.. 

By right, for those who are interested to join the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline poolside party, u still have time to make your skin more moist and amazing.. Hopefully, I can meet u guys at the party with the smile on your skin.. ;)

click this to get more info and join the contest.. gudluck, all..!


Sir Marcello said...

before diz ada guna vaseline jenis balsem tue..huhuhu

kulit kering elok pakai body lotion...

Kaseh NazLieza said...

hmm...blh try ni...

hamzah ian said...

wa.. licin..

Anna Boleyn said...

good luck cik nunu.. emm bila ekk last date contest nie?

Ms Ave T said...

This is a really nice post! All the best for the competition and do check out my entry as well? :D

Miss Ave T

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