Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's your day..

IT'S 10 FEBRUARY 2011..
it's your day, my dear..

THANK YOU for make my heart smile..
THANK YOU for sharing your enjoyment time with me..
THANK YOU for appreciate my love..

On your special day, I celebrate your birth..
Sharing time and space with you,
Because you mean so much to me..

I love you so much.. muahx.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Celebrate bezday jmr kat mane cik nunu...adiah dah beli ke

J.M.R said...

tenkiu!!! burp..dah kenyang nih..

jfook said...

owhh sweet...

Lagenda said...

Waaa..semoga panjang umo jmr

P/s : Dah tuoo..bilo nak kawen nih?? Hahahha

qellissa said...

happy besday to ur "dear" kasi adiah ape tu Nunu?

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