Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary, Dear.. :)

Dear Hubby..

Thank you for loving me..
Thank you for treating me right..
I'm very thankful to Allah SWT, I get to know you, 
be your partner and be your wife..

Insha Allah we gonna be a parent very soon..
I can't promise you perfection but I will do my best 
to be your wife and good mother to our kids..

I know you can't wait to meet 'little him'.. 
Me too.!

Wondering how he will look like make me happy and excited.. :)

9 March 2013..

Happy 1st Anniversary, Hubby.. 
I love you till forever ends..


ummi_khalish said...

selamat ulngtahun perkahwinan..semoga bahagia sampai syurga.takecare...

JMR said...

thanks dear..and im home!!!

mama said...

`hepi anniversary` dear princess & SIL..

KhaiRin : anies said...

assalamualaikum..apa khabar?sihat x?
hrp2 sihat selalu dan ceria hendaknya...

p/s tahniah!

Dkna Abza said...

semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..semoag baby n mama sihat sentiasa :)

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